Peter House, Bailey Drive, Norwood Industrial Estate, Sheffield S21 2JF

About Us

Empowering Your Industry with Excellence

At Peterman Forklifts, we’ve been dedicated to supplying high-quality forklift trucks and offering comprehensive forklift maintenance and repair services since our inception in 1968.

With over half a century of experience under our belt, we take pride in being a trusted name in the industry.

As an independent specialist forklift company, we differentiate ourselves from the competition by placing paramount importance on the mechanical quality of the forklifts we provide and the exceptional service we deliver.

Our selection process isn’t influenced by brand reputation; it’s driven by the uncompromising standards we set for ourselves. This unwavering commitment to quality and service has allowed us to establish our position as the leading supplier of top-tier forklifts at highly competitive prices.

Our dedication extends to ensuring outstanding customer service and upholding the highest levels of professional workmanship.

Based in Sheffield, Peterman Engineering proudly stands as the oldest independent specialist forklift truck company in the region.

Our journey began in 1968 with a simple mission – to deliver a quality, cost-effective service to the growing forklift population across Yorkshire and the Midlands.

Over the past four decades, we have earned an esteemed reputation for our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction.