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Charities & Support

Petermans Golden Jubilee Celebration
Celebrating 50 Years of Community Support

In 2018, we marked a significant milestone – our Golden Jubilee. This momentous occasion has given us the opportunity to reflect on our journey as a family firm and the invaluable support we’ve received from the community.

To express our gratitude, we’ve decided to dedicate a page of our new website for the charities, clubs, and cultural icons that have played a pivotal role in shaping our community. Their contributions have not only been appreciated but also wholeheartedly supported by us.

This endeavour has been made possible thanks to our loyal customers, outstanding supply partners, and the unwavering dedication of our team here at Petermans.

Sheffield Theatres

Peterman have been supporters of Sheffield Theatres for a long time becoming Corporate Sponsors in 2012 but since 2015 have taken great pleasure in being part of the “New Works Group” This group of local business donors supports the work of Sheffield Theatres new writers and production companies. There have already been some stunning successes for plays that wouldn’t have seen an audience if not for the New Works Group.   The latest bravura coup de theatre was “Everyone’s Talking About Jamie” Which has now moved from it’s run at Sheffield to the West End with rumours that it may move on next the New York.

Whirlow Hall Farm Trust

Petermans has supported the Whirlow Hall Farm charity for over two decades. The annual Farm Fayre is a great fundraiser and we have been happy to be it’s main sponsor on numerous occasions. The 480 Club is another cause that raises money and gathers volunteers for the charity’s work with children, including programmes that help and inspire children from underprivileged backgrounds and – more and more now – giving purpose and direction to those young people who have been excluded from schools. In 2011 we supported the charity 10k Run. (Shaun is still getting over taking part in it!)

Sheffield Hatters

One of the oldest all female professional clubs in the UK, Sheffield Hatters is a real community club, running teams at all levels from girls youth teams to the professional ladies. We have been proudly involved in sponsoring the Hatters, still led by the most impressive Bettie Cordona OBE, for 2 years now and we hope this exciting relationship continues for many more.

Sheffield Sharks

Since we became involved with Sheffield Sharks the game has gone from strength to strength in the UK and the Sharks are one of the leagues most consistently successful teams … of course that is only because we are one of the Shirt Sponsors.

Archer Project

Homelessness is nothing new, and it is possible that it will never be totally eradicated. The Archer Project provides invaluable support right in the City Centre at Sheffield Cathedral. In 2011 we suggested and became founding members of “The Breakfast Club” The Club works on the basis of local businesses funding breakfasts for as many homeless people as can be catered for, one week per year – and man the ladles to serve up the breakfasts. The Cathedral Archer Project are hugely appreciative of our input: “We are delighted to have worked with Peterman Forklift Trucks for a number of years. Their support has been primarily through our Breakfast Club. It was launched in 2014, with Peterman Forklift Trucks being founding members. The Breakfast Club highlights the importance of breakfast at the start of the day, as being a platform to further engagement in the activities and services which we offer. This shows that businesses are able to make a big impact in a small way, providing a week’s worth of breakfasts every year, and coming into our centre to serve it. The continued support of companies such as Peterman Forklift Trucks enables us to provide a hot breakfast every day to the individuals who use our centre, and thus to help them on their path to finding their own stable, fulfilling and enjoyable life.” We are not sure if the club is currently at its target level of 52 companies, but for the last 16 years we have taken our turn, and hope to continue for as many years as we can.